So, I was in the car today and saw someone with the license plate “X0DUS3 5”, so I thought it was like Exodus 3:5 and I looked it up, and do you know what it said?

"Do not come any closer."


Drawing by K. Zotov, 1968 (by katya.)


Fried Eggs


Felt piñata skin rug by Some Rabbits on etsy 




omg did u see that ghost

When I saw that and thought it can’t get better

it did


my dad said if this gets over 1,000,000 notes he’ll take me to a whorehouse


I spent the greatest afternoon at the University of Maryland’s Radio Broadcast Archives today!  Michael Henry, Research Specialist in the Mass Media and Culture Collection gave us a tour of the broadcast library and special collections, and provided an incredible amount of information on the history, formats, and stars of old time radio.  Above are a few photos I snapped during the tour - and Mr. Henry was so kind to pull out some Jack Benny outtake stills of a photo shoot from Radio Times.  I’ve worked with digitizing video/audio collections in the past, but had never seen anything as extensive as UMD’s holdings: they had thousands of photographs, books, radio scripts, and audio recordings in every media imaginable (and some even unimaginable- wire recordings, for example).  in addition to radio, their collection contains such a huge wealth of material on television, the history of humor, magazine serials, memorabilia, biographies, etc. etc.  Their catalogue is available to view online, and if anyone interested in broadcast history is near the Maryland/DC area - I couldn’t give a stronger recommendation to visit these archives.  A big thank you again to UMD, if you’re not already following them on Tumblr, make sure to do so!

(Also:  If you’re wondering about the Mae West photo and her ban from the radio waves… see the next post!)

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I can not stop watching this

this video has disrupted my entire day


Best $1.85 I have ever spent.


Lifeguard Would Save Drowning Man, But Who Is He To Play God?


a woman has twins and gives them up for adoption

one of them goes to a family in egypt and is named amal the other goes to a family in spain they name him juan

years later juan sends a picture of himself to his birth mother. upon receiving the picture she tells her husband that she wishes she also had a picture of amal

he responds “theyre twins if youve seen juan youve seen amal”