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Moment of silence for all the people who will never see this joke because they blocked the word ‘Spoiler’.


But seriously, how quickly could a giant sauropod dinosaur react to an attack on a body part 150 feet from its brain? The excellent blog SV-POW! has the answer:

… sauropods really did have individual sensory nerve cells that ran from their extremities (tip of tail, soles of feet)–and from the rest of their skin–to their brainstems. In the longest sauropods, these cells were probably something like 150 feet long, and may have been the longest cells in the history of life. We haven’t found any fossils of these nerves and almost certainly never will, but we can be sure that sauropods had them because all vertebrates do, from hagfish on up. That’s just how we’re built. So how long does it take to send a nerve impulse 150 feet? The fastest nerve conduction velocities are in the neighborhood of 120 meters per second, so a signal from the very tip of the tail in a 150-foot sauropod would take about half a second to reach the brain…[continue reading]

Cartoon by Ed McLachlan, Punch magazine, 1981


And so my drawings of old computers reaches its natural end in this big ol’ wallpaper of vintage computing technology.

by Stephen Maurice Graham

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Do you guys wanna hear the best version of “In Bloom”?  Well here it is.


"I nominate Mona Lisa and the Girl with the Pearl Earring." [via]


Dan Mumford

‘Desolate hole, if you ask me,’ said Ford. ‘I could have more fun in a cat litter.’ —Douglas Adams

Jude-jude-judy-judy-judi-judi-Yaa-whAA-hoow! —The greatest part of Hey Jude  (via jimmypageshurdygurdy)


"People think I was born in top hat, white tie and tails." — Fred Astaire 




Red? I think it’s red. 

I basically did this once and it’s how I got pink eye.

I can’t tell if you’re making a pun or if you’re telling an actual story.

Either way, I’m still laughing.


All of the patterns together.


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